Nemeth Marika, our faithful church member passed away

Marika was a dear, dear friend, very faithful church member and a blessing to all who knew her. Marika went to be with the Lord on Thursday, October 11. 2018.

Words cannot begin to express how much she has been and will continue to be missed. May her memory remain blessed forever.


Serbia, December 1, 1944,  in a World War II re-settlement camp, a little girl was born to Hungarian parents of John and Martha Nagy. They named her Marika.

Shortly thereafter the family is again resettled to Hungary to the small town of Csatalja, south-east of Nagybaracska.  In time Marika is joined to brother, Joseph, and  sister Margit.

In school, Marika loves to read.  She often said that she read every book there was in Csatalja.  The subject did not matter, she was interested in everything.  It was the act of reading she loved.

Monday, December 31, 1956, Years Eve John & Martha bundle up the children and in the middle of the night and crossed the border into Yugoslavia.  For the next year, they live in the International Red Cross refugee camp.

The winter of 1957/1958, the refugee camp is being closed down and so, they are airlifted to New York City.

A church in California has offered to sponsor the family & so, the family is flown to Santa Rosa, California. The family soon finds work.  Maria works in Emery's Saddlery.  There she works every day after school & summers for the next ten years.

In her early 20's she marries Louis Nemeth and moves to Southern California.  Soon Lou Jr. and Julie are born.  For Maria, the children are the high priority.  She is involved in what the children are involved.  Anything and everything from homework to sports.  She is a hands-on Mother. She loves to cook so collects cookbooks and holiday theme table clothes.  She made everyone welcome at the holiday dinners she hosted. Often there were last minute guests brought along so, she made room at the table with ease.  She made everyone feel at home.

As it often happens life does not go smoothly.  She adopts 2 of her grandchildren and is now raising a 2nd family.  Nearing 60 years of age,  this was not an easy undertaking.  She puts the grandchildren's needs ahead of herself.  This is topical for Maria.  She has always put others ahead of herself.

She attends and joins the First Hungarian Reformed Church.  When Maria did something, she gave it her all.  Joining the church was no exception.  For those who knew her saw this time and time again. When a task was given to her, she gave it her full attention.

Maria passed away on October 11, 2018, at 7:57 P.M.  Present were her son Lou Jr., grandson Anthony, daughter-in-law Brenda and her sister Margaret.


Will be a memorial service connected to the worship service on Sunday, October 28.

We remembered Marika on Sunday's worship with these songs:

Ave Maria - Thai Chen, Matte Éva

Danny Boy - Thai Chen

And we remember Marika by these pictures:

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