2023. december 10. - Magyar Karácsony Benefit Gála az erdélyi Soridaris Egyesület támogatására

 Proceeds benefit Solidaris.ro 
to bring Christmas cheer to Hungarian kids and elderly in Romania.

Adventi köszöntő Erdélyből, a Solidaris Egyesülettől

A Solidaris Egyesület nyári táborának bemutatkozó videója

The Benefit Gala is sponsored by
GBU Life District 3000 Hungarian Reformed Federation of America

Menu: Hungarian sausages (hurka, kolbász) with purple cabbage, parsley potatoes (or vegetarian lecsó) and your favorite dessert: beigli, krémes, kifli etc.!

Performing the honored pianist Miss JUDITH NESZLÉNYI! 
Traditional  Hungarian Christmas music, song and poetry  presented by various artists!
Christmas Tree lighting by the honorable Hungarian Consul SZÉLES TAMÁS! 

Szaloncukor! Hungarian Christmas items by Golden Paprika! Pastry sale for your home Christmas table and more!

11:00 – 12:15 pm Worship: in Hungarian and English. 
12:30 - about 2:00 pm: Enjoy Hungarian food, your favorite home made pastries and  the lovely sound of music by Péter Geburth!
From 2:00 pm: Christmas Tree lighting, music, poetry, song and more! 

Organized by: Éva Mátté. MC: Attila Hegedűs.

AFTER PROGRAM: Good cheer, friends, music, refreshments! Music by  DJX,  Péter Geburth.

Celebrate this most beautiful time of year with us! 

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